Private Parties in Singapore!

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Sip'in at Private Parties

While you have a small group of friends that you would like to entertain and find that the place up for grabs are booked. You may well have a private party arranged for food to be served a la carte and cocktails served using our exquisite mobile cocktail bar.

Gather your friends, surprise your loved one, have a cocktail party, a dinner party or an old-fashioned splurge. The combinations are endless when we are talking private parties. Venues can be anything from private beach fronts to terraces to apartments or even in yachts. The options are endless and we are here, a phone call or an email away, waiting to put together the perfect party that reflects you! Check out our cocktail packages and give us a call to discuss on the possibilities of arranging a spectacular party. It's never too early to plan for a great one!

We know how much time and effort it requires to plan a party. That's why we arrange your cocktail parties and make your life easier. We even have bespoke packages like the Prim & Proper, the Slightly Improper and the Wild! To make it easier for you to choose what fancies you.

Or maybe you care to drink for three hours at less than it would cost you to buy a round for a few friends? If this sound awesome, the Sip’ Bar Concierge will take care of the event. We can set up great specials for you - just pick our mobile bars and tell your friends. Celebrate a birthday, a promotion, an engagement, a new car, whatever! It's so easy. Just give us a call.

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