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Did you ever hear anyone say: "I really don't know what to order!!!" or "I am kind of indecisive about the menu" or "I don't know if I may like it". Chances are you may have said it yourself leave alone hearing it from somebody.

Well, your indecision of what to drink is now passé. Introducing the best cocktail bars in Singapore where you can get the best cocktails for your parties, created right in front of you, just the way you like it. Sip the Bar Concierge gives you the opportunity to get together with your family, friends and colleagues. Sit back and relax in the venue of your choice and let our expert bartenders give you the ultimate and iconic mix of the best cocktails and enliven your spirits like no other.

Synthesis your approach through the compilation of drinks, or explore our menu to satiate your thirst and since we are a mobile bar, you can be rest assured, to avail our services just about anywhere. You can go with the old school classics like the James Bond's original cocktail of choice, made with gin, vodka and lillet or the golden hued martini and then there are many more that can be custom made as per your directions. You can just about use our servics anywhere! Be it corporate events or cocktail catering you are looking for. Go no further as you can be rest assured when it comes to cocktails, we are the best that there is in Singapore!

Enjoy our cocktails that we have developed and mastered from innumerable years of making, shaking and sipping them. We love to hear the sound of your laughter as they illustrate the absolute freedom and the complete absence of worry in your mind and that makes working for this business pretty impressive for us.

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