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A good drink stimulates the mind and makes us want to talk
and share with our friends.

Sip' in our Bespoke Cocktails

What we do precisely in Sip’ The Bar Concierge is create cocktail drinks that thrill and challenge even the hard core favourites and attract regulars and connoisseurs alike. We are creating bespoke cocktail parties for a group of 10 to a gathering of 100 and have taken the lead on the drinking trend of the moment: bespoke cocktails.

Our mixologists are always eager to offer you an experience geared specifically to your individual taste. You can customize your cocktail based on the ingredients on the list and indicate the bartender, who will take the time to understand your tastes and conjure just the right mix for you. The best cocktails created in this manner are recorded in our archives and added on to the menu for others to enjoy.

Our finest bartenders, provide individual sessions and guide you through the options available in our well stocked bar, to concoct the best cocktails that cater to your personal taste and give it just that extra edge to make it fondly memorable only if you permit.

Conjure Sip'

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Call our exclusive number to detail your needs, or send a private mail to Sip' here.

There is no bar requirement too bizaare, no logistical constraint too daunting
when you conjure Sip' to fulfil your bidding.
Experience the bar concierge that is Sip'.

Sip' is headquartered in
7 Temasek Boulevard #06-06
Suntec Tower One,
Singapore 038987.